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Framing Your Encaustic Work

To frame or not to frame? Historically, an unframed painting was considered incomplete. Frames were used to enhance the work, separate it from the wall, and add additional support by preventing the stretchers and canvases from warping. We’ve all seen

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Reworking an Encaustic Painting

As would happen to most artists, I found myself continually staring at a piece I’d created several months ago that didn’t seem to hit the mark. There were aspects I liked about it, but overall it seemed to me to

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Preparing Substrates for Photo Encaustic

The topic of substrates and how to prepare them for photo encaustics is often confusing for beginners. When choosing a substrate make sure it is of a porous material—usually a wood panel. Most beginning photo encaustic artists choose any number

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Cold Wax Encaustic

My first reaction when I heard about cold wax encaustic was, “well if it isn’t heated then is it encaustic?”. Cold wax encaustic medium is used at room temperature, whereas traditional encaustic painting uses melted encaustic medium. The name encaustic

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Hot wax painting : Encaustic Art stylus tool

There are many different tools used in hot wax encaustic painting. Encaustic as an art form covers many different styles and techniques of painting and the tools used vary widely. Heat tools work well in combination with each other I

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Building up texture

Some of my encaustic paintings this past year are very textured. I’ve been playing with building up layer upon layer of encaustic medium. Here’s a description of the technique I use. begin with a base of a few layers of

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The Encaustic Iron & Edges

The edges of encaustic paintings/panels can be treated in a variety of ways. Some artists mask the edges, and then remove the tape and paint them in acrylic. It is also possible to cover the edges with encaustic medium. The

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