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A how-to tutorial: Making Encaustic Medium


You can purchase premade encaustic medium or you can make your own. Many artists buy the raw materials and make their own.

What’s the difference between beeswax and encaustic medium?

Encaustic medium is made with filtered beeswax and damar resin crystals. Synthetic waxes are commercially available, but beeswax is the type of wax that is traditionally used for encaustic art.… Read More →

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How to Prepare Substrates for Encaustic

Choosing and preparing substrates for encaustic art

The topic of substrates and how to prepare them for encaustic art is often confusing for beginners.

Choosing a substrate for Encaustic art

When choosing a substrate, make sure it is of a porous material—usually a wood panel. Most beginning photo encaustic artists choose any number of manufactured boards, either flat or cradled—it does not matter.… Read More →

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Cold Wax, an alternative to traditional Encaustic

cold wax painting

My first reaction when I heard about cold wax encaustic was, “well if it isn’t heated then is it encaustic?”.

Cold wax encaustic medium is used at room temperature, whereas traditional encaustic painting uses melted encaustic medium. The name encaustic literally means “to burn”, does that mean that the technique (fusing) not the material (beeswax) is what makes it “encaustic”?… Read More →