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What is Encaustic Painting?

Encaustic artforms are created using molten, pigmented beeswax. Heat is used at every stage of the process to apply and fuse the medium. The name Encaustic comes from the greek enkaustikos which means to burn in.

Here you'll learn about encaustic painting techniques & tools. Whether you're a beginner learning to paint with encaustic or an experienced artist, I invite you to add your comments to share your knowledge and inspiration about art and All Things Encaustic.

Encaustic Wax Painting Tips, Product Reviews, & Tutorials for Beginners and experienced artists alike

How to do an encaustic pour

How To Do An Encaustic Pour For Outstanding Results

In the last post, I talked about the best way to paint a smooth encaustic surface. In this post, I’ll introduce you to an alternative way to achieve a glossy smooth encaustic painting surface—the pour method. This method works exceptionally well for photo encaustic. Supplies By purchasing products through the following Amazon affiliate links, you support this website. Painting substrate …

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How to achieve a Smooth Encaustic Surface

The Best Way To Paint A Smooth Encaustic Surface

A perfectly smooth surface is the hardest to achieve in encaustic painting. When fusing, air bubbles from the substrate rise up through the wax and cause tiny pinholes on the surface of the encaustic painting. Getting rid of those pesky little pinholes, without causing more, is the challenge we face. Fusing to achieve a smooth encaustic surface is a skill …

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Encaustic Vessels with creative paperclay

How to Create Encaustic Vessels with Creative Paperclay

There are several ways to create encaustic vessels and sculptural bowls, this tutorial will walk you through the easy Creative Paperclay method. What’s so terrific about Creative Paperclay is that it isn’t messy. What is Creative Paperclay? Creative Paperclay product is not the same as paper clay used in ceramics. Paper clay usually refers to a mix of pottery clay …

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Adhesives for Encaustic Artwork Monotypes and Collage

Adhesives for Encaustic Artwork—Monotypes & Collage

Please note that this post contains Amazon affiliate links. Your purchases help support this website. In this post, Victoria Foster Harrison of the Curly Girl Art Studio shares with us various adhesive solutions for encaustic artwork. How to choose the best glues for encaustic collage materials and how to ensure waxy encaustic monotypes adhere well to panels. Victoria may not …

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Andrea Bird Conversation This is Love

Artist Conversation with Andrea Bird

This artist conversation features encaustic painter, mixed-media artist and instructor Andrea Bird. A personal note…It was Andrea Bird who first introduced me to encaustic painting. I have taken many workshops with her from 2005 – 2018. Much of what I share on the All Things Encaustic Blog, I first learned from Andrea. By way of introduction…Andrea and her artist husband …

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