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What is Encaustic Painting?

Encaustic is a waxed-based medium, that consists of beeswax and damar resin, a natural tree sap. The encaustic painting process involves heat at every stage of the process to apply and fuse the medium. The name Encaustic comes from the greek enkaustikos which means to burn-in.

Here you’ll learn about encaustic painting techniques & tools. Whether you’re a beginner learning to paint with encaustic or an experienced artist, I invite you to add your comments to share your knowledge and inspiration about art and All Things Encaustic.

Encaustic Wax Painting Tips, Product Reviews, & Tutorials for Beginners and experienced artists alike

Lorraine Glessner Branding with heat and fire

Branding with Heat and Fire with Lorraine Glessner

It has been a week since I was at the 5th International Encaustic Conference. Last Sunday (June 5th) I attended Lorraine Glessner's demo on Branding with Heat and Fire. Lorraine's demo was about burning paper and wood as collage elements or as underpaintings for encaustic work. If you are attempting these techniques yourself, make sure that you have a working fire extinguisher close at hand and take proper safety precautions so that you don't burn yourself. Lorraine demonstrated burning techniques on paper, but all of these techniques can work equally well with fabric. The paper or fabric ...
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Shellac Burn Patterned effects for encaustic Gregory Wright

How to use Shellac with Encaustic | Painting and Safety Tips

Patterned Effects & Visual Texture with Gregory Wright Last week Artist Thea Haubrich posted new Encaustic work on Facebook. In this painting, she used a shellac burn technique to create beautiful gold clouds. I was intrigued and I wanted to know how to use shellac with encaustic myself. Fortunately, I didn't have to wait long! Fast forward one week to Day Two of the Fifth International Encaustic Conference and Gregory Wright's presentation Patterned Effects and Visual Texture. Gregory Wright gave a great demo using Dry Pigments and working with Shellac in encaustic painting. His presentation and handouts ...
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monotype printmaking with Dorothy Furlong-Gardner, David A. Clark and Kathleen Lemoine

Monotype printmaking an introduction | Encaustic Monotype Prints

Today is the first day of the Fifth International Encaustic Conference. This year's conference is being held in Provincetown. Provincetown is known for its beaches, harbour, artists, tourist industry, and its status as a gay village. Commercial Street is a colourful narrow one-way street with more pedestrians, bikes, and pedicabs then cars lined with shops, restaurants and galleries. Provincetown is wonderful! Monotype Marathon Session Never having seen monotype printmaking in person I was thrilled to attend the Monotype Marathon --- three back-to-back sessions from three encaustic monotype masters. Dorothy Furlong-Gardner who pioneered encaustic monotype thirty-five years ago, gave ...
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Playing with Encaustic

Playing with Encaustic

Play is such an important, yet not often talked about aspect of creativity. It became apparent to me at a crucial point in my artistic career that if there is not an aspect of play during the time that I'm involved in a piece, then it isn't going anywhere. Play allows for letting go, and loosening the grip on the brush. This is what I aim to do in my encaustic workshops, by creating a place where letting go is encouraged ...
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Botanicus Exhibition - in celebration of Earth Day

Botanicus Exhibition – in celebration of Earth Day

"Botanicus" Republic Plaza, Denver thru May 18, 2011 Botanicus is an exhibition celebrating the beauty of the natural world. This has long been an inspiration in my own work. For this exhibition I created three 18 inch by 11 foot works entitled "Clouds of Blossoms". I used encaustic on mulberry paper as my medium to create a translucent, ethereal effect. As the light changes throughout the day the colors change as well, imitating nature in it's operation. In my work I try to embody the simplicity and empathy of haiku and for these pieces I thought haiku ...
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the encaustic iron and heat resistant sponges

Using the Encaustic Iron with Heat-Resistant Sponges

If you're not sure how to use the heat-resistant sponges and scrapies with the encaustic iron: here's a free tutorial with lots of pictures. This slideshow demonstrates various sponge painting techniques including drawing patterns in the wax, stippling, stamping, and dragging. You will also see how to use the rubber tipped scrappy tool to draw in the wax and how to clean your sponges. Use your arrow keys to navigate through the slideshow | Click to view larger Tutorial: Using the Encaustic Iron with Heat-Resistant Sponges: Start with heat-resistant sponges and scrapy texturing tools. cut coarse orange ...
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How to get started with Encaustic Painting | List of Tools & Art Supplies | Encaustic Basics

How to get started with Encaustic Painting | List of Tools & Supplies

Get started with Encaustic Painting If you've been asking yourself, "how do I do encaustic painting?" and now you're ready to get started, this post will help you choose the encaustic supplies and hot wax tools you need to set up your studio. You can also learn a lot more about encaustic painting by reading the other posts in the encaustic beginner's guide. How To Set Up An Encaustic Studio Encaustic is an expensive medium, and you should consider your budget before you begin. If you're ready to jump all in, a full encaustic painting kit is one ...
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