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This is a collaborative blog, a place for artists to come together and share their passion for encaustic painting. Here you’ll learn about encaustic painting techniques & tools. Whether you’re a beginner learning to paint with encaustic or an experienced artist, I invite you to add your comments to share your knowledge and inspiration about art and All Things Encaustic.

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How to create rust for Encaustic Painting

Encaustic Painting with Rust for Powerful Effect | Step by step instructions

Encaustic Irony and Rust Thought Bubble…Now rust would be an interesting conversation in an encaustic painting! First hurdle. How do I get this intriguing organic substance for my art without wrestling a rusty piece of iron from the scrap yard into my home studio? Alchemy! Big Box Hardware, here I come. A little aisle surfing and steel wool caught my eye and leapt into the cart! Next hurdle. Break through the protective coating used on steel to prevent rust. Some iron products even have a thin coating of wax. As an encaustic artist, I appreciated the ‘iron’y ...
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introducing encaustiflex

Introducing Encaustiflex

Some time ago I discovered Debbie Lyddon's Marshscape Collage series on Pinterest. Since then I have often returned to look at Lyddon's website and blog. I have used fabric as collage in encaustic painting but now I was thinking textile art first. I began looking for a new way to bring together textiles and encaustic wax painting. What is Encaustiflex? Encaustiflex is a new microfiber material, a rip-proof, paper-like product developed by Leslie Giuliani specifically for Encaustic monotypes. Encaustiflex makes it possible for an artist to hand or machine sew their encaustic paintings!!! Thanks to Leslie for sending me a free sample to review here and ...
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6 ways to sign an encaustic painting

How to sign an encaustic painting

When you've finished a work of art you will want to sign it. The question of how to sign encaustic art comes up on forums and in Facebook groups often. Here I've pulled together some ways I've tried or seen other artists use on their encaustic paintings. 6 ways to sign encaustic art 1. Incise into the wax You can etch your initials or signature into the wax with a sharp tool. Then you can fill the wax with oil paint and wipe off the excess. This is what I did when I first started painting with encaustic. But now when ...
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3 tips for Encaustic painting

3 products for managing your encaustic griddle or palette

Here are three simple products that are terrific for cleaning and organizing your encaustic griddle or palette. 1. Use metal clips for palette cups Metal palette cups used for encaustic painting get hot. But thankfully, metal craft clips allow you to easily move the cups around without burning your fingers. Some artists use binder clips or wooden clothes pins. I find that the binder clips can themselves heat up---becoming too hot to hold. Wooden clothes pins will work for awhile, but be careful as they tend to fall apart unexpectedly and you may end up spilling a ...
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How to Gain Creative Confidence - a letter to my younger self

How to Build your Creative Confidence

As I drove to day-two of the "Sinking In" workshop with Andrea Bird, I listened to a TED talk of David Kelley (see below) discussing how to build your creative confidence. He told this story: I remember one day my best friend Brian was working on a project. He was making a horse out of the clay that our teacher kept under the sink. And at one point, one of the girls who was sitting at his table,seeing what he was doing, leaned over and said to him, "That's terrible. That doesn't look anything like a horse." And Brian's shoulders ...
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what I learned playing with inks in encaustic

Using Inks in Encaustic art

Disclosure: Chartpak, Inc. sent me a variety of Higgins Inks to review for this post. Ink can be used to great effect in encaustic painting.  You can draw or write directly on the wax and either leave it on the final layer of a painting or you can add more layers of encaustic medium on top of the dry ink. Ink, when dry, is permanent. Choose Pigment Ink over Dye-based Inks I have used black India ink with encaustic in the past but Higgins inks are available in a variety of colours. They can also be mixed to create ...
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Creative Practice Journalling

Creative Practice | Journalling

Journalling scares me. If you have read my previous post, Sinking In: strengthening the conversation with our art and ourselves, you'll know that I have always shied away from the idea of keeping a journal. I have a fear that someone will read my private thoughts. In my painting Sinking in: “Dear Inner Critic…” I wrote directly on the substrate, hiding my words beneath layers of encaustic. As I continue to explore ways to expand my creativity, I realize that by not journalling I may be missing out. The simple act of writing can help unlock inner thoughts and feelings. It can ...
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