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Branding with Heat and Fire with Lorraine Glessner

Lorraine Glessner Branding with heat and fire

It has been a week since I was at the 5th International Encaustic Conference. Last Sunday (June 5th) I attended Lorraine Glessner’s demo on Branding with Heat and Fire. Lorraine’s demo was about burning paper and wood as collage elements or as underpaintings for encaustic work.… Read More →

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Heat Guns with Encaustic 101

Using Heat Guns with Encaustic 101

It’s funny how, once we have seemingly mastered the basics about working in Encaustic, we forget how challenging they were to learn. I’m speaking specifically of the use of the heat gun. You experts out there may be smirking to yourselves, knowing, as I do, that ‘mastering’ a tool/device is an occasionally ephemeral glory, sometimes dematerializing before our very eyes, putting into question our own supposed abilities as artists!!… Read More →

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Ironing over drips & drops | Encaustic Technique

Ironing over drips and drops encaustic technique with Andrea Birt

Waxing On:  My favorite encaustic iron technique

Encaustic, by its nature, pulls us–as artists, into new territory. This is one of the aspects of it that I love. There is a sense that the medium is always at least one step ahead of us, gesturing playfully to “Check this out!” or “What would happen if…?” At the beginning of my exploration with encaustic, I was not surprised by this, as with any new medium, the possibilities feel endless.… Read More →