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How to Prepare Substrates for Encaustic

Choosing and preparing substrates for encaustic art

The topic of substrates and how to prepare them for encaustic art is often confusing for beginners.

Choosing a substrate for Encaustic art

When choosing a substrate, make sure it is of a porous material—usually a wood panel. Most beginning photo encaustic artists choose any number of manufactured boards, either flat or cradled—it does not matter.… Read More →

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Experimenting with Photographs in Encaustic

Experimenting with Photographs in Encaustic

After attending an excellent presentation by Danielle Correia at last year’s Encaustic Conference on working with encaustic on photographs, I have done some experimenting of my own.

Five experiments with photographs in Encaustic are outlined in this post.

Photograph Dipped in Wax:

When I dipped a photo into wax the whole image released from the photo paper -not good!… Read More →

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Encaustic Photocopy image transfer step-by-step tutorial

photo transfer

I’ve taken five encaustic workshops with Andrea Bird and, in each class, there is always someone who hasn’t learned this technique. Everyone has the same wonderful reaction as the paper comes away from the wax and the ink is left behind.

Tips for successful photocopy transfer:

  • use images with a high level of contrast
  • ensure the images you’re using are toner based – from a photocopy machine, a laser printer or a magazine.
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