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3 products for managing your encaustic griddle or palette

3 tips for Encaustic painting

Here are three simple products that are terrific for encaustic painting.

1. Use metal clips for palette cups

encaustic cup with clip

Metal palette cups used for encaustic painting get hot.

But thankfully, metal craft clips allow you to easily move the cups around without burning your fingers.

Some artists use binder clips or wooden clothes pins.… Read More →

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Pearl Ex Pigment Powder and Encaustic

Pearl Ex dry pigment powder and encaustic
Disclosure: Jacquard sent me a free sample of Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments to review for this post.

I have shied away from using dry pigment powders since Gregory Wright’s patterned effects demonstration at the International Encaustic conference. Gregory cautioned that some dry pigments may be poisonous and that repeated exposure can have serious effects on the artist’s health.… Read More →

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R&F Pigment Sticks in Encaustic

R&F Pigment Sticks and Encaustic
Disclosure: R&F Handmade Paints sent me free sample size pigment sticks to review for this post.

What are R&F Pigment Sticks?

From the R&F site:

R&F Pigment Sticks® are oil paint manufactured with enough wax for the paint to be molded into stick form.  They allow the painter to draw or paint directly onto a surface without brushes, palettes, paint tubes or solvents. 

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Encaustic Printmaking without a Hotbox

Encaustic printmaking without a hotbox
Disclosure: Enkaustikos sent me free samples of Hot Sticks to review for this post.

Enkaustikos Hot Sticks

Enkaustikos hot sticksIntroducing Hot Sticks the newest product from Enkaustikos. Hot Sticks are ready-to-use professional encaustic paints, the same formula as Enkaustikos Hot Cakes, in a stick format. Hot Sticks are made from Pharmaceutical Grade (USP) beeswax, damar resin, and artist quality pigments.… Read More →