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Essential Tools for Scraping & Incising All Things Encaustic

Essential Tools for Scraping & Incising into encaustic wax

Clay tools work well for scraping, incising, and gouging into encaustic wax. This post has been in draft for awhile, I was finally spurred on to finish it when this week someone on Facebook asked, “What’s the most used tool you recommend investing in? I am new to this and wondering what type sculpting tools to get”. My Favourite Go-To Tools Here are a few of my favourite tools for scraping and incising into the wax. 1. Dual head metal pottery scraping tool My go-to scrapper is one from a pottery course I took years ago. The ...
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A Love Affair with Encaustic and Alcohol Inks by Shary Bartlett

Alcohol Inks and Encaustic

A Love Affair with Encaustic and Alcohol Ink Disclosure: Jacquard Products sent me a complimentary set of their Pinata alcohol inks to review as part of this article. I have to tell you a secret. I’ve been having a serious encaustic love affair lately – with alcohol inks. The two of us were introduced years ago, but we didn’t start dating until early this year. Getting to know Alcohol Inks I didn’t want anything to mar my devotion to encaustic, so I got to know alcohol inks first on Yupo paper. What was the personality of this ...
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Kama Pigments Encaustic Paints

Encaustic Paints by Kama Pigments

Disclosure: Kama Pigments sent me free encaustic paints to review for this post. Commercially available encaustic paints I usually make my own encaustic medium, I haven't very often used ready-made encaustic paints. But, I must say, the highly-pigmented encaustic paints I received from Kama Pigments are luscious! I also love that Kama Pigments is a Canadian company.  🇨🇦 :-) Made from natural beeswax, damar resin and dry pigments When purchasing commercially available encaustic paints check what ingredients are being used, not all manufacturers use beeswax and damar resin. Kama's encaustic paints are made from natural beeswax, damar resin and their own dry pigments. Dry Pigments and Encaustic ...
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Encaustic Carving & Incising Tools

Encaustic Carving & Incising Tools

Disclosure: Diamond Core Tools sent me two free tools to review. Artists painting with encaustic use clay tools for scraping, incising and carving into the wax. Thanks to this Instagram video from Cathy Nichols I discovered Zebratools by Diamond Core Tools! Diamond Core Tools is a manufacturer of high-quality tools for ceramic artists. I am so happy to introduce these beautiful Zebratools to the readers of the All Things Encaustic blog. I am in love. Yes, I am in with this new and adorably hued carving tool I just got in the mail from @diamondcoretools - It’s ...
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Ceracolors Water-soluble Wax paint

Using Ceracolors with Encaustic | Water-Soluble Wax Emulsion Tube Paint

What are Wax Emulsion Water-Soluble Paints? Water-soluble wax paints are tube paints comprised of pigments in a wax binder. Although the manufacturers are branding them as encaustic paints they are better described as wax emulsion tube paint that can be an interesting complement to encaustic. Wax emulsion tube paints allow encaustic artists to experience a more painterly process, a process that is more often associated with other painting media. You can blend and mix Ceracolors together on a palette and use a brush or palette knife to brush and dab them on your painting. Water-soluble wax paints ...
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introducing encaustiflex

Introducing Encaustiflex

Some time ago I discovered Debbie Lyddon's Marshscape Collage series on Pinterest. Since then I have often returned to look at Lyddon's website and blog. I have used fabric as collage in encaustic painting but now I was thinking textile art first. I began looking for a new way to bring together textiles and encaustic wax painting. What is Encaustiflex? Encaustiflex is a new microfiber material, a rip-proof, paper-like product branded by Leslie Giuliani specifically for Encaustic monotypes. Encaustiflex is made of spun polyester and nylon using recycled soda bottles. Encaustiflex makes it possible for an artist to hand or machine sew their encaustic paintings!!! Thanks ...
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3 tips for Encaustic painting

3 products for managing your encaustic griddle or palette

Here are three simple products that are terrific for cleaning and organizing your encaustic griddle or palette. 1. Use metal clips for palette cups Metal palette cups used for encaustic painting get hot. But thankfully, metal craft clips allow you to easily move the cups around without burning your fingers. Some artists use binder clips or wooden clothes pins. I find that the binder clips can themselves heat up---becoming too hot to hold. Wooden clothes pins will work for awhile, but be careful as they tend to fall apart unexpectedly and you may end up spilling a ...
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