Encaustic Product Reviews

introducing encaustiflex

Introducing Encaustiflex

Some time ago I discovered Debbie Lyddon's Marshscape Collage series on Pinterest. Since then I have often returned to look at Lyddon's website and blog. I have used fabric as collage in encaustic painting but now I was thinking textile art first. I began looking for a new way to bring together textiles and encaustic wax painting. What is Encaustiflex? Encaustiflex is a new microfiber material, a rip-proof, paper-like product developed by Leslie Giuliani specifically for Encaustic monotypes. Encaustiflex makes it possible for an artist to hand or machine sew their encaustic paintings!!! Thanks to Leslie for sending me a free sample to review here and ...
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3 tips for Encaustic painting

3 products for managing your encaustic griddle or palette

Here are three simple products that are terrific for cleaning and organizing your encaustic griddle or palette. 1. Use metal clips for palette cups Metal palette cups used for encaustic painting get hot. But thankfully, metal craft clips allow you to easily move the cups around without burning your fingers. Some artists use binder clips or wooden clothes pins. I find that the binder clips can themselves heat up---becoming too hot to hold. Wooden clothes pins will work for awhile, but be careful as they tend to fall apart unexpectedly and you may end up spilling a ...
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what I learned playing with inks in encaustic

Using Inks in Encaustic art

Disclosure: Chartpak, Inc. sent me a variety of Higgins Inks to review for this post. Ink can be used to great effect in encaustic painting.  You can draw or write directly on the wax and either leave it on the final layer of a painting or you can add more layers of encaustic medium on top of the dry ink. Ink, when dry, is permanent. Choose Pigment Ink over Dye-based Inks I have used black India ink with encaustic in the past but Higgins inks are available in a variety of colours. They can also be mixed to create ...
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Marvelous Molds and encaustic

Marvelous Molds and Encaustic

Artists working in encaustic are always on the lookout for new ways to create texture and patterns in the wax. I started eyeing my favourite water bottle seriously considering cutting the silicone sleeve to use it as a stencil but instead, I searched the web for heat-resistant stencils made of silicone and I found Marvelous Molds. Marvelous Molds® are a line of food-grade silicone molds, impression mats, and silicone onlays designed primarily for fondant and cake decorating but they can also be used in arts and crafts. Disclosure: Marvelous Molds sent me free sample to review for this post ...
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Pearl Ex dry pigment powder and encaustic

Pearl Ex Pigment Powder and Encaustic

Disclosure: Jacquard sent me a free sample of Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments to review for this post. I have shied away from using dry pigment powders since Gregory Wright's patterned effects demonstration at the International Encaustic conference. Gregory cautioned that some dry pigments may be poisonous and that repeated exposure can have serious effects on the artist's health. What is Pearl Ex Mica Powder? Then, I noticed online that Linda Robertson was using Pearl Ex Powdered Pigment with Encaustic.  Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments are very fine powdered mica pigments made by Jacquard Products. From the Jacquard website, "Pearl ...
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R&F Pigment Sticks and Encaustic

R&F Pigment Sticks in Encaustic

Disclosure: R&F Handmade Paints sent me free sample size pigment sticks to review for this post. What are R&F Pigment Sticks? From the R&F site: R&F Pigment Sticks® are oil paint manufactured with enough wax for the paint to be molded into stick form.  They allow the painter to draw or paint directly onto a surface without brushes, palettes, paint tubes or solvents.  We use only the basic traditional materials: natural wax (beeswax & plant wax), linseed oil, and pigment, and we use them with absolute purity. The result is an oil stick with a lipstick soft ...
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