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The posts in this category cover a wide variety of Encaustic Techniques. Encaustic is a very versatile medium. There are seemingly endless possibilities for creating art. Check back often to learn more techniques and tips for encaustic wax painting.

Experimenting with plaster as a suitable surface for encaustic

Experimenting with Plaster on Jute & Burlap

Years ago I purchased some oil sticks to play with, not having any idea that they would lead me here, to share my encaustic experimentation with you. Searching for information about using R&F pigment sticks with encaustic, I found All Things Encaustic and I was delighted to connect with Ruth who is from Toronto—I am also in Canada, just a little distance away in Westport. Plaster as a Suitable Surface for Encaustic Recently I have been working with plaster on jute or burlap before adding layers of wax. In this post, I share my experimental work and process . As I ...
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How to create rust for Encaustic Painting

Encaustic Painting with Rust for Powerful Effect | Step by step instructions

Encaustic Irony and Rust Thought Bubble…Now rust would be an interesting conversation in an encaustic painting! First hurdle. How do I get this intriguing organic substance for my art without wrestling a rusty piece of iron from the scrap yard into my home studio? Alchemy! Big Box Hardware, here I come. A little aisle surfing and steel wool caught my eye and leapt into the cart! Next hurdle. Break through the protective coating used on steel to prevent rust. Some iron products even have a thin coating of wax. As an encaustic artist, I appreciated the ‘iron’y ...
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6 ways to sign an encaustic painting

How to sign an encaustic painting

When you've finished a work of art you will want to sign it. The question of how to sign encaustic art comes up on forums and in Facebook groups often. Here I've pulled together some ways I've tried or seen other artists use on their encaustic paintings. 6 ways to sign encaustic art 1. Incise into the wax You can etch your initials or signature into the wax with a sharp tool. Then you can fill the wax with oil paint and wipe off the excess. This is what I did when I first started painting with encaustic. But now when ...
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Tissue Paper Encaustic Drawing Technique

Drawing on Tissue Paper | Encaustic Painting Technique

Encaustic Art The Complete Guide to Creating Fine Art with Wax by Lissa Rankin If you are new to encaustic art, start with this book! It covers all of basics to get you started, but it doesn't stop there, Encaustic Art The Complete Guide to Creating Fine Art with Wax by Lissa Rankin is a comprehensive reference for experienced artist working with encaustic. It is filled with beautiful photographs of artwork and techniques to inspire you to create encaustic art for yourself Thanks to Lissa Rankin for kind permission to share this page from her book with the readers of All Things Encaustic ...
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Reworking and encaustic painting

Reworking an Encaustic Painting

As would happen to most artists, I found myself continually staring at a piece I'd created several months ago that didn't seem to hit the mark. There were aspects I liked about it, but overall it seemed to me to be just too much of the same thing going on all over the painting. There was just no strong focal point. So I decided to rework it. The process Since there were textures I liked in the painting that I wanted to keep, I decided to tape them off so as to not disturb them in the ...
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drybrush accretion

Drybrush Accretion | Encaustic Texture Technique

Creating texture in Encaustic art Some of my encaustic paintings this past year are very textured. I've been playing with building up layer upon layer of encaustic medium using a dry brush accretion technique. Taken far enough, accretion can become encaustic sculpture. The word accretion perfectly describes the process. ac·cre·tion - əˈkrēSH(ə)n noun the process of growth or increase, typically by the gradual accumulation of additional layers or matter. Encaustic Tools used for building up texture The key to this technique is a very dry brush and fusing gently. I find that the embossing heat tool is ...
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Encaustic Technique: transferring ink from magazine pages

Encaustic Technique: transferring ink from magazine pages

Hello, I 'm a creative artist living and working in Middle Tennessee.  Since 2009 I have been working on a series of Encaustic paintings using a unique process of transferring ink from recycled magazine pages onto a thin layer of beeswax. I have a video on Youtube that shows me working and explaining each step, but I'll give you a quick explanation of how I work with wax. Here is the video if you'd rather not read the explanation: I build my panels and prepare the background using milk paint. Now I apply pure beeswax (no added resin) with a paint ...
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