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A Beginner’s Guide to Encaustic Painting | Art made with Beeswax

The Encaustic Beginner’s Guide tutorials will help those of you who are looking to get started with encaustic painting to learn about materials, tools & techniques.

As you learn to paint with encaustic medium you will want to come back and read about more advanced encaustic techniques but for now, start with these getting started posts to learn about setting up your studio space with the essential encaustic supplies and tools.

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A Beginners Guide to Encaustic Painting

Beginners start here to learn about Encaustic Wax Painting

New to encaustic painting, that’s great! You’ll love working with this versatile art medium as much as we do!

Encaustic can be frustrating and very forgiving all rolled into one. When you aren’t happy with a result, scrape down to start over or keep working in layers on top of a piece. You can come back to a painting years later, fuse it and start to paint again. It is all too easy as a beginner to encaustic painting to over fuse or scrape too hard or too soon into soft wax and ruin what you had. Practice does help an artist develop a skill with the medium and tools.

Wax is a wonderful medium for working with photography and collage. It is an ongoing journey of discovery. Welcome.

Frequently Asked Questions about Encaustic art

How to do Encaustic Painting | Frequently Asked Questions

Help for Beginners who want to learn how to do Encaustic Painting If you want to learn how to do Encaustic Painting you're in the right place! Welcome. All Things
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How to get started with Encaustic Painting | List of Tools & Art Supplies | Encaustic Basics

How to get started with Encaustic Painting | List of Tools & Supplies

Get started with Encaustic Painting If you've been asking yourself, "how do I do encaustic painting?" and now you're ready to get started, this post will help you choose the encaustic
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How to paint with Encaustic

Encaustic Painting Process | How to paint with Encaustic

Before you begin to paint with encaustic, you'll need to pick-up encaustic art supplies and set-up a studio space. Once you have all the supplies you need in-hand, come back
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Fayum funeral portraits

The History of Encaustic Painting from Fayum Funeral Portraits to Today

Encaustic painters are often asked if their work is archival. The typical response is that encaustic is an ancient painting technique, examples of early encaustic paintings are on display in
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How to make Encaustic Medium

How to make your own Encaustic Medium | Instructions & Recipes

Pre-made encaustic medium can readily be purchased but you will save money if you make it yourself. Many artists buy the raw materials and make their own. Here's what you
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Choosing and preparing substrates for encaustic art

How to Prepare Substrates for Encaustic … for photo encaustic and more

The topic of substrates and how to prepare them for encaustic art is often confusing for beginners. Choosing a substrate for Encaustic art When choosing a substrate, make sure it
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choosing the right Encaustic Fusing Tools

Tools for Fusing Encaustic | How to fuse with different tools

Fusing is important when working with Encaustic When painting with encaustic, one needs to fuse the first layer of wax to the substrate and then each subsequent layer needs to
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Venting your encaustic studio

Venting your Encaustic Studio

Is encaustic toxic? With adequate ventilation and a working temperature that is under 200°F, encaustic is a safe medium to work with. It is important to use a thermometer to
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Using Heat Guns with Encaustic 101

Using Heat Guns with Encaustic for Beginners

It's funny how, once we have seemingly mastered the basics about working in Encaustic, we forget how challenging they were to learn. I'm speaking specifically of using heat guns with
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6 ways to sign an encaustic painting

How to sign an encaustic painting

When you've finished a work of art you will want to sign it. The question of how to sign encaustic art comes up on forums and in Facebook groups often. Here I've
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Tissue Paper Encaustic Drawing Technique

Drawing on Tissue Paper | Encaustic Painting Technique

Encaustic Art The Complete Guide to Creating Fine Art with Wax by Lissa Rankin If you are new to encaustic art, start with this book! It covers all of basics
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Photo Encaustic Tutorial | Painting photographs with wax

Encaustic Photography Tutorial | Painting Photographs

Painting photographs with encaustic opens up another whole world of possibilities! Photographers can take their art to a new level adding more interest and texture to their pictures. "Photographers are increasingly
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Encaustic Collage | rules and techniques for encaustic mixed media / assemblage

Encaustic and Collage / Mixed Media / Assemblage

Encaustic is an ideal medium for assemblage, mixed media, collage painting. Encaustic wax can both preserve and adhere collage elements to artwork. 5 Rules for Encaustic Collage / Mixed Media
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