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Happy New Year! Encaustic Scrolls with Calendar pages

With the turn of a new year, like many others, I take time to reflect on the year that has past and to set goals and to dream for the year ahead.

Reflecting on the Past Year

This year, instead of sitting down to write out my reflections on 2017, I painted.

2017 Encaustic Scrolls by Ruth Maude 6.5" x 7.5"

Encaustic Paper Scrolls

Here is the exact process I followed to make encaustic scrolls and adhere them to a board.

  1. I began with the pages of our 2017 fridge calendar and worked one month at a time.
  2. I spritzed some of the pages with walnut ink
  3. I coated the paper with encaustic medium – you can brush on the medium or dip the paper into a tin of molten wax medium.
  4. I then ironed the paper with my encaustic iron. I suggest working on top of parchment paper to facilitate clean up. The wax made the calendar papers really beautiful, I have saved some of the scraps to use in other works.
  5. I rolled each month up into a scroll, lightly fusing with an embossing heat gun as I went.
  6. I collaged scraps from different months onto the board.
  7. I wasn’t sure if medium alone would hold the scrolls in place so I posted the question in the encaustic critique Facebook group. I followed the advice of Joyce Watts Coolidge and drilled holes and tied the scrolls on. I liked the idea that the months were all tied together.
  8. I further fused the scrolls, twine and the panel

This little painting is filled with a lot of powerful feelings. This process was a good way to reflect on the past year, to wrap it up and make peace with it, to clear the way as I start a new year.


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10 thoughts on “Happy New Year! Encaustic Scrolls with Calendar pages”

  1. I have never done this before but saw someone’s workshop and some of her work. It seems overwhelming and I am glad you put in the information on setting up before you go for it. It does appear to be a costly hobby, and I love the way these thing look. I understand the resin is what keeps the “bloom” down, does it also keep the work from melting as it hangs on the wall? Would you only display your work in a cool house or is it safe to a certain temperature? If so can you tell me what temperature it is roughly safe to? Thank you so much for the information. I think a 2020 calendar would also be a good one to copy your idea with. Rough emotional year for many. Blessings!

    1. Hi Brenda,

      Thanks for commenting.

      Damar resin not only reduces bloom but it raises the melting temperature, you won’t have to worry about work melting as it hangs on the wall. I use a 5:1 ratio so it is very hard with more damar than some artists use

      I was looking at this the other day and thinking that 2020 would be an interesting year to do this with.

  2. Your calendar is wonderful. I have never done encaustic but a friend suggested that I encaustic my eco printing. And, after seeing your calendar, I want to do it. My art is flat on very thick watercolor paper. Any suggestions? And am happy to use your affiliate links
    Thank you!

  3. As a tutorial this little article leaves much to be desired. The instructions are vague. The links that are offered do not help with the technique. The only thing I know now, after reading, that I didn’t know before is that used walnut ink to color the pages.

    What do you mean, you ironed the pages? Is that different from fusing?
    How do you fuse the scrolls as you are rolling them?
    What Facebook group are you referring to?

    I rather expected more instruction from a tutorial. I would not, at this point be able to reproduce this effect based on the information available.

    1. Hello Dawney,

      I’m sorry you aren’t happy with my blog post. Let me see if I can clarify further.

      • I brushed encaustic medium onto the calendar paper and fused it with the encaustic iron.
      • I then started to roll them into scrolls. As they were covered in wax when I rolled them, I used my embossing heat gun to gently fuse so that they stuck together. I would roll them a bit and then pick up the heat gun and lightly fuse then roll a bit more…
      • I referred to the encaustic critique facebook group. Just type encaustic critique into the search box in Facebook.

      At least two other people have replicated this following my instructions so I don’t think I’m missing anything.

  4. Are you able to show me what the calendar page looked like before you started waxing and rolling? I am interested if they have any graphics on them, or are they just the standard numbers in boxes.. hope this makes sense!

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