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Create A Cracked, Weathered Surface with Pit Lime and Marble Dust by Ursi Lysser

Create A Cracked & Weathered Surface With Pit Lime And Marble Dust

Fresco Painting During the High Renaissance Raphael, Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci made some of the most famous frescoes in the world. Michelangelo's hugely ambitious Sistine Chapel Ceiling, 1508-12, featured over 300 figures from religious scripture and took over four years to complete [Source]. I haven’t seen paintings of the High Renaissance in person but, the fact that they still exist, I find exciting. The term Fresco refers to wall paintings where mineral or earth pigments are applied to wet lime plaster so that the coloured pigment is absorbed into the plaster surface. In this post, you'll ...
Create 3D Sculptures With Fosshape

Create Three-Dimensional Structures With Fosshape

Disclosure: Wonderflex World sent me one yard of Fosshape to review for this post. Fosshape is a felt-like material that can be used to create three-dimensional forms. When heat-set Fosshape may be painted. If you're interested in exploring sculptural structures, read on. About Fosshape Fosshape by Wonderflex is a felt-like thermoplastic fabric that is widely used in the theatre industry for costuming, props and set design, puppetry, millinery headpieces, masks, sculptures, and more. Fosshape can be cut with scissors, sewn to itself and other fabrics, and shaped into stand-alone structures. Fabric steamers or heat guns are used ...
How to reuse was scrapings

How to reuse encaustic scrapings

Originally published April 18, 2019 Scraping is part of the encaustic painting process but this can feel wasteful. What do you do with encaustic scrapings? Believe me, I know that you don't want to throw away all the beautiful encaustic paint that you've applied and then scrapped off a panel. If you've applied mixed media materials such as pan pastels or ink to the surface of the wax, discard these scrapings. 3 ways to reuse wax scrapings Here's how to ensure that that precious encaustic medium doesn't go to waste. 1. Create a harmonizing colour: When you're ...
Christina Lovisa's Homemade Paste for Collage

Christina Lovisa’s Homemade Paste for Collage

This recipe to make your own paste for collage comes from master mixed-media art instructor Christina Lovisa. Christina's homemade YES! paste alternative works really well under encaustic. This adhesive is especially handy if you want to work large as you can mix up as much as 4 Litres of Glue!! Supplies To make paste for collage Great Art Wallpaper Adhesive made in Germany - buy from Upwards Art Studio or from Amazon.com Container with a measure on the side or a measuring cup Glue - choose a glue that is non-toxic. You can use mod podge, white ...
Glass As A Substrate For Encaustic Painting!

Glass As A Substrate For Encaustic Painting!

A good substrate for Encaustic Painting is rigid, absorbent, and heat resistant, it bonds well with the layers of wax without fear of cracking or separation. Yes, you can paint on glass with encaustic, but please understand that glass is not an ideal substrate for encaustic. Glass has no natural tooth to hold the paint. And of course, we can't do a freezer test without breaking the glass. This means that we can't say for certain if glass is suitable. Be that as it may, artists have created some beautiful encaustic works on glass. "As the use ...
Tips to organize your art studio - All Things Encaustic

How to organize your art studio

Originally published July 12, 2019 I've noticed a few people asking in Facebook groups for advice to organize their encaustic art studio. My art studio is the most organized space in my house. Perhaps this is because when I'm stuck in the painting process I start tidying. Here are some tips for how I have organized my art studio workspace. Tips for organizing your art studio Here's an amazon shopping list for products mentioned in this post. Your Amazon purchases help support this site. Thanks! Amazon Shopping List Shelf and Baskets: I have a tall second-hand shelf ...
create beautiful cyanotype prints for encaustic painting

Create Beautiful Cyanotype Prints To Use In Encaustic Paintings

Creating cyanotype prints is a fun thing to do on a sunny day. What is Cyanotype? Cyanotype, also known as photograms, blueprints or sun prints, is a 19th-century alternative photographic printing process. Instead of a camera, sunlight (UV light) is used with a simple chemical process to print the image. Cyanotype Materials For your convenience, you can shop this Amazon List. Please remember that Amazon purchases through these links help support this website. Cyanotype Chemicals: Ammonium Ferric Citrate & Potassium Ferricyanide. Available in a convenient set such as Jacquard Cyanotype Sensitizer Gloves & and apronPaper or fabric ...
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