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How to do an encaustic pour

How To Do An Encaustic Pour For Outstanding Results

In the last post, I talked about the best way to paint a smooth encaustic surface. In this post, I'll introduce you to an alternative way to achieve a glossy smooth encaustic painting surface---the pour method. This method works exceptionally well for photo encaustic. Supplies By purchasing products through the following Amazon affiliate links, you support this website. Painting substrate - for the first time, start smallBlue Painter's Tape or HVAC tape (Aluminum Foil Tape Metal Insulation Tape for Ductwork) Encaustic MediumA levelParchment Paper or a silicone baking mat. These will work for a quick clean up ...
How to achieve a Smooth Encaustic Surface

The Best Way To Paint A Smooth Encaustic Surface

A perfectly smooth surface is the hardest to achieve in encaustic painting. When fusing, air bubbles from the substrate rise up through the wax and cause tiny pinholes on the surface of the encaustic painting. Getting rid of those pesky little pinholes, without causing more, is the challenge we face. Fusing to achieve a smooth encaustic surface is a skill that you develop as you become more experienced. I do love texture and for some works, I don't mind a few holes. But, that said, encaustic artists need to know how to prevent and remove holes to ...
How to use Sumi Rice Paper for Photo Encaustic

How To Use Sumi Rice Paper For Photo Encaustic

What is Sumi Rice Paper? The term rice paper is really a misnomer, the paper has nothing to do with rice. It would be more accurate to call it Calligraphy or Sumi Paper. Traditionally used to practice calligraphy lettering and sumi-e painting strokes, this is a lightweight, thin yet durable paper. I buy Sumi Rice Paper by the roll and cut it with a paper trimmer to 8.5 inches so it will fit through my printer. It is also available in sheets but as they are 9" x 12" they will still need to be cut down ...
Encaustic Vessels with creative paperclay

How to Create Encaustic Vessels with Creative Paperclay

There are several ways to create encaustic vessels and sculptural bowls, this tutorial will walk you through the easy Creative Paperclay method. What's so terrific about Creative Paperclay is that it isn't messy. What is Creative Paperclay? Creative Paperclay product is not the same as paper clay used in ceramics. Paper clay usually refers to a mix of pottery clay and shredded paper fibers used to create lightweight forms that are fired in a kiln. Creative Paperclay is an air-dry paper-based modelling material. Creative Paperclay is made from all-natural ingredients and is non-toxic. It comes out of ...
Adhesives for Encaustic Artwork Monotypes and Collage

Adhesives for Encaustic Artwork—Monotypes & Collage

Please note that this post contains Amazon affiliate links. Your purchases help support this website. In this post, Victoria Foster Harrison of the Curly Girl Art Studio shares with us various adhesive solutions for encaustic artwork. How to choose the best glues for encaustic collage materials and how to ensure waxy encaustic monotypes adhere well to panels. Victoria may not have gotten enough mud-pie time as a kid, but she’s now making up for that lost time! The encaustic printmaking process has many appealing aspects; free-flowing and fast, meditative and mesmerizing, and a medium that encourages loosening ...
Reviewing and Comparing Encaustic Irons

Comparing Irons for Encaustic Painting

Snowboard Iron beside an Encaustic Art Iron The iron is a valuable fusing tool for encaustic painting. The iron is the tool of choice to get a smooth flat wax surface and it works well for fusing over stencils. I'm not talking here about a regular household steam iron, for encaustic painting choose an iron without holes. In this post, I'll compare the Encaustic Art Iron and a Ski/Snowboard Iron. Encaustic Iron choices include an Encaustic Art Irona Snowboard/Ski Irona Sealing Iron a Travel Iron - adjustable for local voltage. Make sure to get one without steam ...
Printing Larger images on multiple sheets of paper

How to print a large image onto multiple pages

Larger Photo Encaustic Image Printing Tips Unless you have a large format printer, you may be limiting photo transfers to 8 1⁄2 x 11-inch paper. Here are a couple of easy options to print one image across multiple sheets. Choose the method below that works best for you and then you can piece your image together for a larger photo transfer. The PDF Way Convert your image into a PDF file. Open Adobe Reader (the free program) Click File → Create → PDF from File Search for your image and click Open Select File → Print and ...
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