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  1. Just wanted to have people to talk to about the encaustic way of painting
    Thanks Novella

  2. So thrilled to find this blog! I am an encaustic instructor and artist in the Seattle, WA area.

  3. Re: Primers for use under encaustic and freeze tests.
    I’m new to encaustic work. I’ve been using quarter inch MDF board and priming it with “Z Primer”, an oil based flat white primer. But today I put a piece of work in the freezer for about 30 minutes and the encaustic began to crack and separate from the board. Yikes! My medium is 85% beeswax and 15% Damar. Have others experienced failure of adhesion in freeze tests? What primers (or no-primer) do not fail under these conditions?
    And, another questions; some of my works develop a cloudiness and others do not. What’s going on here? Same number of layers, same batch of medium…?

    1. Cloudiness can be the medium formula I found straining though cheese cloth helps and R & F has a great granular medium that is truly clear.

    2. Most likely what’s occurring with the cloudiness is “bloom”. It’s essentially microscopic air bubbles coming to the surface which is part of encaustic paint’s curing process. Generally speaking, this will happen anywhere from several weeks to several months after you complete a painting. All you need to do is buff it with a soft cloth to reveal the lustre of the damar in the wax. Eventually the bloom will cease after about a year and the painting will only need to be dusted occasionally.

      I include a care sheet with every painting I sell that talks about this so that clients know what to expect. It’s just a natural part of the process.

  4. The muse flew in with encaustic medium and taken up permanent residence. I am joining this community to learn more about the ways of other encaustic artists.

  5. I am here for inspiration, answers, and instruction. I just ordered an encaustic kit this morning.

  6. looking for encaustic workshops/educational opportunities in PA, specifically eastern PA

  7. Lovely to find you here, I have been working with Encaustic Wax for just over eight years now, I also teach workshops from my Studio not far from the Jurassic coastline of Lyme Regis, here in UK, I am currently setting up my new Studio to accommodate larger groups. I am looking forward to reading this blog ….you can never stop learning….

  8. I have enjoyed all the wonderful information about the do’s and don’ts of encaustics.

  9. Always interested in anything encaustic, particularly encaustic monotypes…

  10. Very happy to have found this blog! I am an encaustic painter in PA relatively new to the medium (2 years).

  11. I am an encaustic & mixed media artist in the UK. So envious of all the products and workshops available in the US, it is still a relatively new medium it would seem in England. Looking forward to following the blog.

  12. oh how wonderful to find you all. I stumbled upon encaustic a few years ago and absolutely love it. I really let the energy move the wax to wherever it wants to go. Lincoln – UK

  13. Been using R& F pigments sticks and love them. I want to mix my own colors using dry pigment and medium. Looking for suggestions on brands of dry pigments that have been successful for you.

    1. Hi Susan, check out the post I just published today about Pearl EX powders.

  14. I’m so happy to have found this blog. I just completed a ‘three-day intensive’ workshop at R&F Paints in Kingston, NY. What an experience! I’m a photographer, and am interested in learning techniques that will help me to incorporate my work into encaustic pieces!

    1. Welcome to All Things Encaustic, Dot. Thanks for commenting. Here are a few posts that may interest you as a photographer

  15. I have been searching all over for a place to find mentors in Encaustics. This seems to be the most comprehensive place I have found so far. I’m a high school art teacher and I have been teaching myself this new media. I plan to encorporate it into my classroom. Any suggestions from the experts here will be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi Noel,

      Sorry for the late reply. There are a number of active Facebook groups where you can connect with artists. and

  16. Happy Thanksgiving, 2016. I recently discovered your site and I am enjoying and learning.
    I am, Dee Gutowski-Smith in Johannesburg, Michigan.

    1. Thanks Dee! I’m happy that you are enjoying the site.

  17. I am just starting on a journey of discovery about encaustic painting. I live in Natal S. Africa.

    1. Welcome Anne. Encaustic painting is a wonderful journey!

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