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the encaustic iron and heat resistant sponges

Using the Encaustic Iron with Heat-Resistant Sponges

If you’re not sure how to use the heat-resistant sponges and scrapies with the encaustic iron: here’s a free tutorial with lots of pictures.

This slideshow demonstrates various sponge painting techniques including drawing patterns in the wax, stippling, stamping, and dragging. You will also see how to use the rubber tipped scrappy tool to draw in the wax and how to clean your sponges.

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Tutorial: Using the Encaustic Iron with Heat-Resistant Sponges:

  1. Start with heat-resistant sponges and scrapy texturing tools.
  2. cut coarse orange sponges with a pair of scissors
  3. cut the fine white sponges with an exacto knife
  4. use your encaustic iron upturned as a hot plate to heat the wax
  5. use a spare piece of card to create a small palette of coloured wax
  6. use the sponges and rubber tipped scrapy tools as shown to create different effects

About Thea Haubrich

Dutch artist Thea Haubrich studied at the Encaustic Academie in Germany to become a teacher of Encaustic. In 2004 she moved to British Columbia, Canada. Thea was a member of several art councils, the International Encaustic Artists and the South Okanagan group, the Rip Off Artists. In 2008 she was awarded active status with the Federation of Canadian Artists. Thea Haubrich passed away in September 2013.

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