Take your art to the NEXT LEVEL with CVP

The Creative Visionary Program

The Free workshop has finished, and what an amazing week of learning it has been! These lessons are just the tip of the iceberg. Nicholas Wilton has a lot more to teach you through the CVP program.

The Creative Visionary Program (CVP) is a 12-week, highly interactive, online program. CVP is a guiding set of principles that will allow you to develop your own style. CVP will give you the essential ingredients you need to take your art to the NEXT LEVEL.

It is for artists of all levels, whether you’re an absolute beginner, an established career artist, or anywhere in between. 

I’m promoting this workshop because it was so beneficial for me. I have taken CVP multiple times and it shifted my art and my mindset in powerful ways. Now, thanks to CVP, when I look at paintings that I am proud of, I know why they worked, what makes the design strong. I’m better able to critique my own work and improve it. I have an enjoyable, playful approach to starting paintings that I learned from Nick and the CVP team. If you want this for your art too, consider registering for CVP.


If you have any questions, you can email me at [email protected]

You can also join the Next Level Facebook Group.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I am recommending Nick’s courses because they were extremely helpful for me but this is an affiliate program. I will be compensated for registrations to the CVP program through my link.

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