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What is Encaustic Painting?

Encaustic artforms are created using molten, pigmented beeswax. Heat is used at every stage of the process to apply and fuse the medium. The name Encaustic comes from the greek enkaustikos which means to burn in.

Here you'll learn about encaustic painting techniques & tools. Whether you're a beginner learning to paint with encaustic or an experienced artist, I invite you to add your comments to share your knowledge and inspiration about art and All Things Encaustic.

Encaustic Wax Painting Tips, Product Reviews, & Tutorials for Beginners and experienced artists alike

How to make your own heat resistant stencils

I’m passionate about stencil making!  Heat resistant stencils allow me to use my hand-drawn doodles over and over again.  One stencil can create hundreds of prints that never look identical.  The wonderful by-product of this process is that a used stencil, covered in ink and wax can be a thing of beauty that begs to be used in your artwork.  …

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Fire Safety in the Encaustic Studio - Hands using a butane torch to fuse a painting

Fire Safety in the Encaustic Studio

DISCLAIMER Do your own research, I am not a fire safety expert. Carefully review the manufacturer’s operational and safety procedures for all equipment and art materials. Ruth Maude (allthingsencaustic.com) expressly disclaims any liability resulting from reliance upon the views or opinions expressed in this blog article and makes no representations, warranties, or claims of any kind concerning the accuracy or …

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Tips for Hanging an Art Show

Tips for Hanging an Art Show

I’m a member at Propeller Art Gallery, an artist-run gallery in Toronto. This Summer I co-organized a group show. If you find yourself hanging an art show, you may find these tips helpful. First of all, check with the gallery as they may have a hanging system and their own recommendations for you to follow. You may want to first …

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Encaustic Monotype Tools | allthingsencaustic.com

Encaustic Monotype Tools

Last week I had the privilege of attending an encaustic monotype and silkscreen workshop co-taught by Paula Roland and Jeff Hirst. It was so luxurious to have an entire week to experiment with encaustic monotypes and to watch and learn from Paula and Jeff. Thanks also to Paula for encouraging me to share these tips and tools on this blog. 10 Tools …

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How to reuse was scrapings

How to reuse encaustic scrapings

Scraping is part of the encaustic painting process but this can feel wasteful. What do you do with encaustic scrapings? Believe me I know that you don’t want to throw away all the beautiful encaustic paint that you’ve applied and then scrapped off a panel. Here’s how to ensure that that precious encaustic medium doesn’t go to waste. 3 ways …

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My Art-day Vow with Christina Lovisa

Give yourself permission to play

When students come to an encaustic workshop with a pre-planned project and high expectations that they will be taking home a fabulous and finished work of art, they often don’t give themselves permission to play and embrace the process of art-making. Commit to the process, detach from the outcome!! To help students commit to the process and detach from the outcome, I begin my workshops having students recite the Art-day vow. …

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