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Encaustic painting with PanPastels

Encaustic painting with PanPastels

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PanPastel® Colors are soft pastels in shallow pans instead of a stick format. They are highly pigmented, dry color medium and literally go on and blend like a fluid paint. PanPastels can be mixed & blended for an infinite palette of colors. They work beautifully with encaustic, either with pigmented encaustic colors or with clear encaustic medium.

PanPastels are applied with soft sponge tools. Using the Sofft® Tools enables the artist to control and apply the color in a painterly way and also means that a lot less dust is generated. Sofft Tools were developed to work with PanPastel Colors.

Encaustic painting with PanPastels

  1. pan pastels encaustic
    I primed my board first with white encaustic gesso
  2. Once the gesso is dry I use PanPastels to paint on the ground
  3. In this painting, I applied a small stenciled feather design first,
  4. then I painted over the board with clear encaustic medium
  5. Fusing with a heat gun was next
  6. Finally, I ironed the piece directionally to compliment my design. The effect is gorgeous.

I do not work for PanPastel but I would. This product is fantastic.

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  1. Thanks for introducing me to PanPastels Stephanie! I ordered them straight away. I’ve played a tiny bit already and I really like the control and smoothness I can get with the soft tools.

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