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Encaustic Art Mixed Sized Painting Cards White Card #995377.00 NEW



For sale today, Encaustic Art painting cards. High Quality White Card Sealed for Encaustic Art work (wax painting), rubber stamping and other craft or art needs calling for quality white card. Sizes included; 40 A6 white cards, 20 A5 white cards, and 10 A4 white cards. Everyone can express themselves using the encaustic art wax color process. It is not difficult to play with these colors and discover wonderful results, often in just a few moves of the iron. Whether you are a novice to 2 dimensional artwork or an experienced painter and color user, there are fascinating qualities to molten wax. It is a reworkable unfreezable paint – just touch it at any time with the iron and it comes back to life. Change is always possible, yet it is finished as soon as it cools. To be creative you need to play, and when you play, to explore, yet always remain able to change the result, then you have a true opportunity to discover and succeed, even when you have no apparent artistic skills. Melt these colored wax blocks onto the low heat iron and your creative process is already begun. It takes just a minute to do, because things just emerge in a magical way when you use encaustic art. Anyone can do this Instantly cool and finished Melt any time to rework Ideal relaxation Creative and Fun Fascinating and Stimulating Rewarding and Inspiring Can develop into fine art Landscapes may look complex, but you will soon amaze yourself and friends with images that will reach out and touch that artistic side. Melt wax color onto the iron then smooth it onto the card to create and instant sky. Smooth on the horizon and landscape color, then dab to form foliage effects, use the iron’s edge for grasses and the tip for birds and flowers. Ten seconds to cool, finally polish with a soft tissue. Just Magical.
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