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Encaustic Brush 3/4 inch Angled Hog Bristle by Enkcaustikos

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Angled Hog Bristle Brush- This brush is a welcome addition to our line of specialty tools for encaustic painting. I discovered it by accident one night while making our wax paint color chart. My father was an old time signpainter who had his box of sign brushes near by. In his box I found a very old brush that he used to paint murals on masonry walls. I decided to give it a try…I inflicted an incredible amount of abuse to this brush. I changed colors 128 times while making the chart and used the brush like a paddle to mix each color with an equal amount of white to show the colors mass tone and tinting strength. I tugged and pulled on the bristles over and over again with paper towels and constantly heated the bristle to clean them between color changes. No matter how much abuse I subjected this brush to I never seemed to damage the bristles. The unusual angled shape proved ideal for cutting in the close lines while the broad end was great for laying down color. I found the thickness ideal for hot wax it was just the right amount of bristle to heat quickly and work the color. Of course like any hog bristle I occassionally singed and burned the bristles which our Classic brass bristles will not do but other than that it was a great brush. I sent my fathers brush to a friend of mine who makes brushes and had him custom make these just for us. I made a few minor modifications like shorten the handle to make it more practical for encaustic painters. The overall length from tip to tip is 8-1/2 inches. I originally started with a 3/4 inch width and just added the 1/2 inch width. Please note that I kept the prices very reasonable. Please try one I think you will be very satisfied with its performance.















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