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Encaustic Monotype Starter Set with DVD

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NEW! We’ve put together this fun and inspiring set to get you into encaustic monotypes featuring Paula Roland’s new DVD. There is a full range of colors which Paula Roland has selected for this set. We’re also including two Enkaustikos Wax Snaps in Wax Medium and our new velvety and dense Graphite perfect for the printmaking process. Wax Snaps are 40 ml of paint. Use the whole bar or snap off the size you need for direct applications melting in a cup or for making quick mixes right on your palette. In addition to the two Wax Snaps you will get twelve Hot Sticks in Indian Yellow Cadmium Red Light Quinacridone Magenta Mars Terracotta Red Earth Pale Light Buff Titanium Sage Green Citron Green Cobalt Aqua Cobalt Teal Green Cobalt Blue and Raw Umber. Plus an 8×10 inch anodized aluminum printing plate a large bamboo baren a wipe out tool a 3/4 Enkaustikos hog bristle brush and a Sumi-E pad. Includes DVD.













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