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Enkaustikos EnkaustiKolors Earth Set of 4 Encaustic Sticks

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This professional line of unique Enkaustikos® colors are perfect for artists of all levels. EnkaustiKolors® sets offer a wide range of colors in a ready to use encaustic paint. EnkaustiKolors® are made from USP grade beeswax, damar resin and artist’s quality pigments but are slightly less pigmented than Hot Sticks. However they can still be extended even further with wax medium. Each set provides an array of appealing colors that are ideal for painting, printmaking, collage and a variety of mixed media applications. All colors are lightfast with the exception of the “just for fun” Fluorescent Set. The EnkaustiKolors® sets are perfect for workshops and the classroom and can be used with any Enkaustikos® products. Visit Encausticpaints.com for more information and to view videos.










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