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Enkaustikos Slotted Hog Bristle Brushes – No.9 (3/4 Inch Wide)

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Enkaustikos Slotted Hog Bristle Brushes – This handmade brush is designed for encaustic painters that use a hot air assist in their work. This technique involves using a hot air gun of the type used in stripping furniture to heat the paint while working (hair dryers just won’t get hot enough). Made of Pure Chungking Hog Bristle, and not brass filament, these brushes do require different handling in order to protect the natural hair from intense heat. Natural hair will singe if the heat source is too close. With the proper technique, this brush will apply large, bold, textured strokes of wax color rapidly. The slotted design allows the hot air of the heat gun to flow through the brush, keeping paint fluid during application. Another advantage to this Slotted Brush design is that it allows for an easy washout, permitting quick color changes. (Please note that the price listed is for ONE brush; the photo shows all sizes available for comparison only!)












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