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Enkaustikos Wax Writer

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These tools act in much the same way that technical pens do. They have a central reservoir that holds melted wax paint. A needle runs down the center of the cone shaped reservoir and when you place the tip of the cone down on your substrate the needle lifts up and releases the paint from the reservoir. This gives a steady consistent flow of paint. The Batik Writer will give you the finest line. The Wax Writer gives a medium line followed by the Wax Max which gives you a very thick line. Unlike the hot pen points these three tools lay down a “raised” line of wax paint. You can also use these tools to create small raised dots and dabs of paint. They are ideal for encaustic painting and for batik work on fabrics. These tools are hand made by one artisan; using brass components and a special epoxy that was created for the NASA Space Shuttle program!










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