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Hot Sticks Encaustic Wax Paints – Dioxazine Purple Light

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Hot Sticks Encaustic Wax Paints are designed for the professional encaustic artist. Hot Sticks feature the same professional artist quality colors you find in the Hot Cakes line but come in a versatile square stick. In fact, Hot Sticks are available in all 86 colors plus Wax Medium and XD Wax Medium. The new square paint stick shape allows artists to use encaustic paints in a whole new way. You can use Hot Sticks for encaustic painting, printmaking, rubbings, and even mixed media techniques. Melt them directly on your hot palette to create a puddle of color for your brush or apply directly to a heated substrate. Hot Sticks glide on your heated substrate like lipstick, creating those vibrant colors or subtle earth tones you love. Simply apply just the tip of the Hot Stick to your heated substrate to paint fine details or swipe the Hot Stick on its side to make bold strokes of color. You can color mix using your Hot Stick colors directly on your painting, your hot palette or melt them together in a large tin to create custom mixes. Hot Sticks are the newest addition to the Enkaustikos encaustic paint line. These artist-quality colors are made from the most beautiful pigments, the finest Damar Resin, and United States Pharmaceutical Grade (USP) Beeswax. These paints contain no bleach or synthetic adulterants whatsoever.















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