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Experimenting with plaster as a suitable surface for encaustic

Experimenting with Plaster on Jute & Burlap

Years ago I purchased some oil sticks to play with, not having any idea that they would lead me here, to share my encaustic experimentation with you. Searching for information about using R&F pigment sticks with encaustic, I found All Things Encaustic and I was delighted to connect with Ruth who is from Toronto—I am also in Canada, just a little distance away in Westport. Plaster as a Suitable Surface for Encaustic Recently I have been working with plaster on jute or burlap before adding layers of wax. In this post, I share my experimental work and process . As I ...
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Creative Practice Journalling

Creative Practice | Journalling

Journalling scares me. If you have read my previous post, Sinking In: strengthening the conversation with our art and ourselves, you'll know that I have always shied away from the idea of keeping a journal. I have a fear that someone will read my private thoughts. In my painting Sinking in: “Dear Inner Critic…” I wrote directly on the substrate, hiding my words beneath layers of encaustic. As I continue to explore ways to expand my creativity, I realize that by not journalling I may be missing out. The simple act of writing can help unlock inner thoughts and feelings. It can ...
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Tissue Paper Encaustic Drawing Technique

Drawing on Tissue Paper | Encaustic Painting Technique

Encaustic Art The Complete Guide to Creating Fine Art with Wax by Lissa Rankin If you are new to encaustic art, start with this book! It covers all of basics to get you started, but it doesn't stop there, Encaustic Art The Complete Guide to Creating Fine Art with Wax by Lissa Rankin is a comprehensive reference for experienced artist working with encaustic. It is filled with beautiful photographs of artwork and techniques to inspire you to create encaustic art for yourself Thanks to Lissa Rankin for kind permission to share this page from her book with the readers of All Things Encaustic ...
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