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Framing and finishing encaustic art

Framing Your Encaustic Work

To frame or not to frame? Historically, an unframed painting was considered incomplete. Frames were used to enhance the work, separate it from the wall, and add additional support by preventing the stretchers and canvases from warping. We’ve all seen those HUGE ornate gilded frames in museums. Traditionally photography is framed in simple black, natural, or white frames so that the frame doesn’t overbear the image. The images are usually matted and placed under glass. In modern times, this notion of a work being incomplete has faded and as artists, we have an entire array of framing ...
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The encaustic iron and edges with Andrea Bird

The Encaustic Iron: Finishing the Edges of Encaustic Panels

There are a variety of ways to finish the edges of an encaustic painting The edges of encaustic paintings/panels can be treated in a variety of ways. Some artists mask the edges, and then remove the tape and paint them in acrylic or chalk paint. Finish panel edges with Encaustic Medium and the iron It is also possible to cover the edges with encaustic medium. An encaustic iron, in combination with the blowtorch, is a great tool for this. Recently, I created a large body of work on panels that were 2" deep, and I wanted the ...
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