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Amelia Kraemer combines her love of history and visual arts. She received a degree in Near Eastern Archaeology and Canadian History, as well as a post-graduate certificate in Museum Management. After life circumstances withdrew her from her full-time work as an archivist, she turned to the visual arts. She shows her work around southwestern Ontario and teaches at her shared studio at the Elora Centre for the Arts.

How to use Ephemera in Encaustic Painting

How to use Ephemera in Encaustic Painting

I’ve always loved history. It gives you a sense of where you come from and helps to guide you where you want to go. My first career was as an archivist for a municipal government. I loved looking through historical documents and photos. My job included retrieving and providing access to the original documents for research, delivering school programs, accessioning …

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How to make rusty paper for collage with Amelia Kraemer

How to make Rusty Paper for Collage

Rusting Paper for Collage Adding collage to your encaustic work can lead to really interesting results. Some of the best collage papers are the ones you make yourself. Making rust paper is a bit smelly, but absolutely worth it! Steps-by-Step instructions for Rust dying 1. Gather your supplies A Large plastic tray or similar Vinegar in a spray bottle (can …

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