Amie Brand

AKA Annmarie Brandstädter I have painted since I could hold a crayon in my hands and the walls were my canvas. As a child I dreamt of becoming an astronomer but a wise student counsellor sent me to design school. After working twelve years, mostly as a graphic designer, I chose to go to university to become a science and art teacher. Now, after ten years of teaching public school, I’m pursuing another dream, to become a full-time artist with my own art courses. I create in many mediums but encaustic and oil and cold wax are closest to my heart.
Testing suitable encaustic grounds using the freezer test

Testing Suitable Encaustic Grounds using the Freezer Test

When I want to know things I tend to go to the bottom and gather knowledge and experience from different sources. Then I try out the facts/statements in my own practice. For me it’s important to not just know how things work, but also why.  So now I have painted with encaustic for some time… Read more Testing Suitable Encaustic Grounds using the Freezer Test