Victoria Wallace is a Canadian visual artist working, exhibiting and conducting workshops in acrylic, encaustic, and sculptural media. Victoria’s paintings reference trompe l’oeil techniques mastered through 25 years of operating her mural and specialty paint finish company in Toronto, which included work for television, film, theatre, restaurants, businesses and private collections across Canada and internationally. Infused with luminance, subjects range from high realism to abstraction; painting to sculpture.
why use encaustic gesso

Why use encaustic gesso to prepare a substrate?

A fairly new product to the commercial art world is Encaustic gesso. A very good one, made by R & F Paints, allows us to: omit the initial beeswax ‘primer’ layer create a white (or coloured), toothy, gessoed surface ideal for Encaustics start with an excellent surface for adding a huge variety of media to… Read more Why use encaustic gesso to prepare a substrate?

Using Heat Guns with Encaustic 101

Using Heat Guns with Encaustic for Beginners

It’s funny how, once we have seemingly mastered the basics about working in Encaustic, we forget how challenging they were to learn. I’m speaking specifically of using heat guns with encaustic. You experts out there may be smirking to yourselves, knowing, as I do, that ‘mastering’ a tool/device is an occasionally ephemeral glory, sometimes dematerializing… Read more Using Heat Guns with Encaustic for Beginners

Encaustic and Soft Pastels

My Encaustic painting, Station to Station, 18″ x 24″, is an example of the effect achieved by combining pastels (not oil!), used before the Encaustic medium is applied. This mixed media piece shows yet another reason to love Encaustic! Using Soft Pastels (not oil) before Encaustic medium is applied: First, apply Encaustic gesso (R&F makes… Read more Encaustic and Soft Pastels