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International Encaustic Conference

The International Encaustic Conference is an annual event held in Provincetown, MA. that brings together a community of artists

Lorraine Glessner Branding with heat and fire

Branding with Heat and Fire with Lorraine Glessner

It has been a week since I was at the 5th International Encaustic Conference. Last Sunday (June 5th) I attended Lorraine Glessner's demo on Branding with Heat and Fire. Lorraine's demo was about burning paper and wood as collage elements or as underpaintings for encaustic work. If you are attempting these techniques yourself, make sure that you have a working fire extinguisher close at hand and take proper safety precautions so that you don't burn yourself. Lorraine demonstrated burning techniques on paper, but all of these techniques can work equally well with fabric. The paper or fabric ...
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Shellac Burn Patterned effects for encaustic Gregory Wright

How to use Shellac with Encaustic | Painting and Safety Tips

Patterned Effects & Visual Texture with Gregory Wright Last week Artist Thea Haubrich posted new Encaustic work on Facebook. In this painting, she used a shellac burn technique to create beautiful gold clouds. I was intrigued and I wanted to know how to use shellac with encaustic myself. Fortunately, I didn't have to wait long! Fast forward one week to Day Two of the Fifth International Encaustic Conference and Gregory Wright's presentation Patterned Effects and Visual Texture. Gregory Wright gave a great demo using Dry Pigments and working with Shellac in encaustic painting. His presentation and handouts ...
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monotype printmaking with Dorothy Furlong-Gardner, David A. Clark and Kathleen Lemoine

Monotype printmaking an introduction | Encaustic Monotype Prints

Today is the first day of the Fifth International Encaustic Conference. This year's conference is being held in Provincetown. Provincetown is known for its beaches, harbour, artists, tourist industry, and its status as a gay village. Commercial Street is a colourful narrow one-way street with more pedestrians, bikes, and pedicabs then cars lined with shops, restaurants and galleries. Provincetown is wonderful! Monotype Marathon Session Never having seen monotype printmaking in person I was thrilled to attend the Monotype Marathon --- three back-to-back sessions from three encaustic monotype masters. Dorothy Furlong-Gardner who pioneered encaustic monotype thirty-five years ago, gave ...
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Experimenting with Photographs in Encaustic

Encaustic Photographs | Experimenting with Photos & Hot Wax

After attending an excellent presentation by Danielle Correia at last year's Encaustic Conference on working with encaustic on photographs, I have done some experimenting of my own. Here are the results of five different experiments with photographs in encaustic wax ...
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Ironing over drips and drops encaustic technique with Andrea Birt

Ironing over drips & drops | Encaustic Technique

Waxing On:  Encaustic Exploration Encaustic, by its nature, pulls us–as artists, into new territory. This is one of the aspects of it that I love. There is a sense that the medium is always at least one step ahead of us, gesturing playfully to “Check this out!” or “What would happen if…?” At the beginning of my exploration with encaustic, I was not surprised by this, as with any new medium, the possibilities feel endless. Now, ten years later, I marvel that I’m still being pulled into trying new things. Now I am just as (if not ...
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