Ruth Maude

I enjoy experimenting with a variety of encaustic materials, techniques and tools. Everything I learn pushes my creative journey in new directions. I share what I've learned with other artists through my blog All Things Encaustic.
Encaustic Monotype Tools |

Encaustic Monotype Tools

Last week I had the privilege of attending an encaustic monotype and silkscreen workshop co-taught by Paula Roland and Jeff Hirst. It was so luxurious to have an entire week to experiment with encaustic monotypes and to watch and learn from Paula and Jeff. Thanks also to Paula for encouraging me to share these tips and tools… Read more Encaustic Monotype Tools

How to reuse was scrapings

How to reuse encaustic scrapings

Scraping is part of the encaustic painting process but this can feel wasteful. What do you do with encaustic scrapings? Believe me I know that you don’t want to throw away all the beautiful encaustic paint that you’ve applied and then scrapped off a panel. Here’s how to ensure that that precious encaustic medium doesn’t… Read more How to reuse encaustic scrapings

How to make an art retreat or workshop great

How to make an Art Retreat or Workshop great!

Last weekend I had a fabulous art experience. I attended a mixed media encaustic retreat with Christina Lovisa. Christina rented a private lodge at a Spa in Chelsea, Quebec close to Ottawa, Ontario. It was a wonderful way to start the New Year! I have taken a number of mixed media art workshops with Christina… Read more How to make an Art Retreat or Workshop great!

Essential Tools for Scraping & Incising All Things Encaustic

Essential Tools for Scraping & Incising into encaustic wax

Clay tools work well for scraping, incising, and gouging into encaustic wax. This post has been in draft for awhile, I was finally spurred on to finish it when this week someone on Facebook asked, “What’s the most used tool you recommend investing in? I am new to this and wondering what type sculpting tools… Read more Essential Tools for Scraping & Incising into encaustic wax

Q&A-Elizabeth-Schowachert Mounting an encaustic monotype to a panel

Mounting an Encaustic Monotype to a Panel

Q&A with Elizabeth Schowachert In this post, artist Elizabeth Schowachert answers questions that I put to her about mounting encaustic monotypes to panels. About Elizabeth Schowachert Elizabeth Schowachert is an abstract artist who works primarily with encaustic. She also specialize in crafting silicone tools for the Roland HOTbox, high quality sumi-e style horse hair brushes and… Read more Mounting an Encaustic Monotype to a Panel

7 Tips for framing paintings

The framing tips below will help you present your artwork in a way that collectors and galleries will appreciate. Tip 1: Use Floater Frames when framing encaustic paintings I often frame encaustic paintings in floater frames. Gallery depth panels don’t need to be framed but regular depth panels, to my mind, look better framed. Floater frames allow you to… Read more 7 Tips for framing paintings

How to Price Artwork Free Download

How to Price Art | Free Artwork Pricing Table Download

The artwork pricing challenge When you’re starting to sell your artwork, it can be really hard to know what to charge. There is no hard and fast rule but having a pricing formula will help you set a consistent price. How to calculate a pricing formula Many artists use a square inch formula, others use… Read more How to Price Art | Free Artwork Pricing Table Download

Encaustic care instructions Free Download

Encaustic Care Instructions | Free Download

Do you provide collectors with encaustic care instructions? I’m sure that we have all had questions about how wax will stand up to heat and humidity. There will always be people who presume that encaustic is more fragile than other fine art mediums. It is good to reassure them with the knowledge that some ancient encaustic… Read more Encaustic Care Instructions | Free Download

Kama Pigments Encaustic Paints

Encaustic Paints by Kama Pigments

Disclosure: Kama Pigments sent me free encaustic paints to review for this post. Commercially available encaustic paints I usually make my own encaustic medium, I haven’t very often used ready-made encaustic paints. But, I must say, the highly-pigmented encaustic paints I received from Kama Pigments are luscious! I also love that Kama Pigments is a Canadian company.  🇨🇦… Read more Encaustic Paints by Kama Pigments

Encaustic Carving & Incising Tools

Disclosure: Diamond Core Tools sent me two free tools to review. Artists painting with encaustic use clay tools for scraping, incising and carving into the wax. Thanks to this Instagram video from Cathy Nichols I discovered Zebratools by Diamond Core Tools! Diamond Core Tools is a manufacturer of high-quality tools for ceramic artists.  I am so happy to introduce… Read more Encaustic Carving & Incising Tools

Venting your encaustic studio

Venting your Encaustic Studio

Is encaustic toxic? With adequate ventilation and a working temperature that is under 200°F, encaustic is a safe medium to work with. It is important to use a thermometer to keep a check on your temperature. Encaustic fumes, when released at a safe temperature, are not considered dangerous. Yet, all wax mediums, when heated, do… Read more Venting your Encaustic Studio