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Iron Wax Painting

Iron wax painting is done with an encaustic iron or stylus. In this style of encaustic painting, pigmented wax blocks are melted directly on the iron or stylus nibs and applied directly to the card or paper. No additional fusing is required.


Iron wax painting demo


The encaustic iron and stylus can also be used with traditional encaustic painting.

Hot wax painting using an encaustic art stylus

Hot wax painting: Encaustic Art Stylus

There are many different tools used in hot wax encaustic painting. Of all my heat tools, I find I use my small encaustic irons and encaustic art stylus tools, the most. Encaustic as an art form covers many different styles and techniques of painting and the tools used vary widely. Heat tools work well in combination with each other. I …

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the encaustic iron and heat resistant sponges

Using the Encaustic Iron with Heat-Resistant Sponges

If you’re not sure how to use the heat-resistant sponges and scrapies with the encaustic iron: here’s a free tutorial with lots of pictures. This slideshow demonstrates various sponge painting techniques including drawing patterns in the wax, stippling, stamping, and dragging. You will also see how to use the rubber tipped scrappy tool to draw in the wax and how …

Using the Encaustic Iron with Heat-Resistant Sponges Read Blog Post »

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