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Encaustic Art Iron for Hot Wax Painting

The encaustic iron and edges with Andrea Bird

The Encaustic Iron: Finishing the Edges of Encaustic Panels

There are a variety of ways to finish the edges of an encaustic painting The edges of encaustic paintings/panels can be treated in a variety of ways. Some artists mask the edges, and then remove the tape and paint them in acrylic or chalk paint. Finish panel edges with Encaustic Medium and the iron It is also possible to cover the edges with encaustic medium. An encaustic iron, in combination with the blowtorch, is a great tool for this. Recently, I created a large body of work on panels that were 2" deep, and I wanted the ...
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the encaustic iron and heat resistant sponges

Using the Encaustic Iron with Heat-Resistant Sponges

If you're not sure how to use the heat-resistant sponges and scrapies with the encaustic iron: here's a free tutorial with lots of pictures. This slideshow demonstrates various sponge painting techniques including drawing patterns in the wax, stippling, stamping, and dragging. You will also see how to use the rubber tipped scrappy tool to draw in the wax and how to clean your sponges. Use your arrow keys to navigate through the slideshow | Click to view larger Tutorial: Using the Encaustic Iron with Heat-Resistant Sponges: Start with heat-resistant sponges and scrapy texturing tools. cut coarse orange ...
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choosing the right Encaustic Fusing Tools

Tools for Fusing Encaustic | How to fuse with different tools

Fusing is important when working with Encaustic When painting with encaustic, one needs to fuse the first layer of wax to the substrate and then each subsequent layer needs to be fused to the layer below. The artist will fuse the layers of wax with either a heat gun, an encaustic iron and/or a blow torch. Sometimes I use all three on the same layer, depending on the texture and surface I'm going for. Choosing the right encaustic fusing tools: Fusing Encaustic with a Blowtorch The Blowtorch is such a great fusing tool for encaustic because it ...
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Ironing over drips and drops encaustic technique with Andrea Birt

Ironing over drips & drops | Encaustic Technique

Waxing On:  Encaustic Exploration Encaustic, by its nature, pulls us–as artists, into new territory. This is one of the aspects of it that I love. There is a sense that the medium is always at least one step ahead of us, gesturing playfully to “Check this out!” or “What would happen if…?” At the beginning of my exploration with encaustic, I was not surprised by this, as with any new medium, the possibilities feel endless. Now, ten years later, I marvel that I’m still being pulled into trying new things. Now I am just as (if not ...
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