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Encaustic Scrolls | All Things Encaustic | Ruth Maude

Happy New Year! Encaustic Scrolls with Calendar pages

With the turn of a new year, like many others, I take time to reflect on the year that has past and to set goals and to dream for the year ahead. Reflecting on the Past Year This year, instead of sitting down to write out my reflections on 2017, I painted. Encaustic Paper Scrolls Here is the exact process I followed to make encaustic scrolls and adhere them to a board. I began with the pages of our 2017 fridge calendar and worked one month at a time. I spritzed some of the pages with walnut ...
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Encaustic Collage | rules and techniques for encaustic mixed media / assemblage

Encaustic and Collage / Mixed Media / Assemblage

Encaustic is an ideal medium for assemblage, mixed media, collage painting. Encaustic wax can both preserve and adhere collage elements to artwork. 5 Rules for Encaustic Collage / Mixed Media / Assemblage Here are five guidelines for adding collage elements to an encaustic painting: Ensure that your ground is rigid and absorbent. Encaustic painting on acrylic primed stretched canvas is wrong---don't do it! Wood or any absorbent panel is ideal. Depending on the work, you may wish to reinforce the support before you begin (particularly important for assemblage or encaustic sculptures). Wax can encapsulate collage materials and ...
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3-D Techniques for Encaustic Sculpture

3D Encaustic Sculpture Techniques | Dare to move off the panel!

The Versatility of Encaustic After painting realistically for 30 years and doing sculpture for ten years, I began working with encaustic. Like many others working with this medium, I was attracted to its translucency, luscious sheen and tactility. But I probably most appreciate the versatility of the medium, as one can use painting, collage, printmaking and sculptural techniques with it. Three-dimensional encaustic sculptures can be formed using encaustic medium with wire, wire mesh, bamboo, plaster gauze, paper, natural fibers and more. Encaustic Sculpture 3-Dimensional Exploration I took a 3-D Encaustic workshop at Truro Center for the Arts ...
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Experimenting with plaster as a suitable surface for encaustic

Experimenting with Plaster on Jute & Burlap

Years ago I purchased some oil sticks to play with, not having any idea that they would lead me here, to share my encaustic experimentation with you. Searching for information about using R&F pigment sticks with encaustic, I found All Things Encaustic and I was delighted to connect with Ruth who is from Toronto—I am also in Canada, just a little distance away in Westport. Plaster as a Suitable Surface for Encaustic Recently I have been working with plaster on jute or burlap before adding layers of wax. In this post, I share my experimental work and process . As I ...
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drybrush accretion

Drybrush Accretion | Encaustic Texture Technique

Creating texture in Encaustic art Some of my encaustic paintings this past year are very textured. I've been playing with building up layer upon layer of encaustic medium using a dry brush accretion technique. Taken far enough, accretion can become encaustic sculpture. The word accretion perfectly describes the process. ac·cre·tion - əˈkrēSH(ə)n noun the process of growth or increase, typically by the gradual accumulation of additional layers or matter. Encaustic Tools used for building up texture The key to this technique is a very dry brush and fusing gently. I find that the embossing heat tool is ...
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famous encaustic paintings in New York City Galleries

Famous Encaustic Paintings and Sculptures in New York City Galleries

This past week I visited MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. We went to see the famous paintings by great masters such as van Gogh, Picasso, Monet, and Modigliani. Seeing famous encaustic paintings and sculptures at the galleries was surprisingly an afterthought. Famous Encaustic paintings we saw at New York Galleries [click on the thumbnails to view larger images] Jasper Johns Two encaustic paintings by Jasper Johns were on display at MOMA. Flag (1954) - MOMA Encaustic, oil, and collage on fabric mounted on plywood, three panels. “One night I ...
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Microcrystalline Encaustic Wax Painting

How is Microcrystalline Encaustic Wax different from traditional Beeswax?

When I saw microcrystalline encaustic wax art displayed at The Artist Project in Toronto, I was very interested to see how it compares with beeswax encaustic medium. Of the ten artists showing encaustic artwork, two of them used encaustic medium made with microcrystalline, not with beeswax/damar. The effect was a quite different from what I know of encaustic. Microcrystalline compared to beeswax/damar encaustic medium The first thing I noticed was that the paintings had a different textural quality - it was almost like plastic. I also noted that it didn't have the lovely beeswax smell. Microcrystalline is ...
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