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How to use Ephemera in Encaustic Painting

How to use Ephemera in Encaustic Painting

I’ve always loved history. It gives you a sense of where you come from and helps to guide you where you want to go. My first career was as an archivist for a municipal government. I loved looking through historical documents and photos. My job included retrieving and providing access to the original documents for research, delivering school programs, accessioning and organizing new acquisitions to the permanent collection, curating exhibits, along with digitizing parts of the collection. In my career as an artist, this love of history shines through. I incorporate historical photos, books, magazines, maps, and ...
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How to make rusty paper for collage with Amelia Kraemer

How to make Rusty Paper for Collage

Rusting Paper for Collage Adding collage to your encaustic work can lead to really interesting results. Some of the best collage papers are the ones you make yourself. Making rust paper is a bit smelly, but absolutely worth it! Steps-by-Step instructions for Rust dying 1. Gather your supplies A Large plastic tray or similarVinegar in a spray bottle (can dilute with water if needed)Items that will rust, ie. any iron or iron alloy - steel is an iron alloy, but stainless steel will not rust (think: metal objects craftspeople can forge, junkyards, old train yards, washers, nails, ...
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as a Foundation for Encaustic Painting

Mixed Media Collage as a Foundation for Encaustic Painting

Facing a Blank Canvas As a self-taught mixed media artist, I often reflect back on my earlier works to analyze the approach and results. It helps me to understand my own methodologies and common practice. I think back to some of my very first mixed media classes and remember being in that place of ultimate confusion when it came time to start a painting. What to paint? How to paint it? It all seemed like the weight of the world was resting on my shoulders and I had three hours to prove myself! Building up and excavating ...
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Encaustic Collage with dried Flowers and Foliage

Encaustic Collage with dried flowers and foliage

Collecting, Pressing, and Organizing Dried Flowers and Foliage for Encaustic Collage Last weekend I shared an encaustic griddle with artist Denise Callaghan. Denise brought with her to the workshop a large binder filled with dried flowers for encaustic collage. Her binder is beautiful---pages and pages of pressed and dried flowers and foliage. Denise kindly gave me a queen anne's lace to use in one of my paintings. Photocopying Leaves for Photo Transfers During the workshop, Denise had difficulty embedding a dried leaf into her painting. Andrea Bird said that embedding leaves can be problematic. That leaves, even ...
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Encaustic Collage | rules and techniques for encaustic mixed media / assemblage

Encaustic and Collage / Mixed Media / Assemblage

Encaustic is an ideal medium for assemblage, mixed media, collage painting. Encaustic wax can both preserve and adhere collage elements to artwork. 5 Rules for Encaustic Collage / Mixed Media / Assemblage Here are five guidelines for adding collage elements to an encaustic painting: Ensure that your ground is rigid and absorbent. Encaustic painting on acrylic primed stretched canvas is wrong---don't do it! Wood or any absorbent panel is ideal. Depending on the work, you may wish to reinforce the support before you begin (particularly important for assemblage or encaustic sculptures). Wax can encapsulate collage materials and ...
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