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Encaustic Collage with dried Flowers and Foliage

Encaustic Collage with dried flowers and foliage

Collecting, Pressing, and Organizing Dried Flowers and Foliage for Encaustic Collage

Last weekend I shared an encaustic griddle with artist Denise Callaghan. Denise brought with her to the workshop a large binder filled with dried flowers for encaustic collage. Her binder is beautiful—pages and pages of pressed and dried flowers and foliage. Denise kindly gave me a queen anne’s lace to use in one of my paintings.

Photocopying Leaves for Photo Transfers

During the workshop, Denise had difficulty embedding a dried leaf into her painting. Andrea Bird said that embedding leaves can be problematic. That leaves, even when dry, have a tendency to work their way out of the wax. That’s why Andrea often uses green leaves—she presses them into the soft wax and pulls them out—leaving the impression of a leaf which she then fills with oil paint.

Andrea suggested that Denise photocopy the leaf and transfer it onto the painting. With photocopy transfer you aren’t limited to dried materials. First photocopy foliage with a laser printer. Then use the photocopy transfer technique to add the image to your encaustic painting.

Create your own Collage Binder for Encaustic Painting

So now I’ve started a binder of my own for collage materials. Denise organized the collection in plastic photo album pocket pages and plastic binder sleeves.

She pressed her collection using a Microwave Flower Press.

In addition to dried flowers and foliage, I’ll add a second section to your binder for photo transfer images. Be sure to print images with a laser printer, not an ink jet. You can hole punch the pages or put the images in archival plastic sleeves which will protect the images until you are ready to use them in your art.

A collage materials binder can have a  third section for paper, fabric scraps and lace.

More about Encaustic Collage

For those of you who are new to encaustic collage, read this post about encaustic collage rules and techniques.

Did this inspired you to start your own collage materials binder for encaustic painting? It would be great to hear from you, add a comment below.

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  1. Just yesterday I was noticing how many giant cook books and reference books around my house have waxed paper poking out between the pages filled with dried flowers. A binder is the perfect solution. Thanks for the post!!!

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